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Coro FM Moves to New Format

As indicated a week ago - the new format is in at Coro FM from 21 September - Alan Beagle, Mike Bain and Rex Simpson are 'down the road' from that date and Andy Mac and Jacqui Jenson take over the breakfast show from 6am to 10am, then Jacqui continues on until 3pm when the show switches to Christchurch to take the nation-wide Jason Gunn and Laurna Searle. By the way, a nine hour shift for Jacqui is unlikely without substantial Parnell input between 10 to 3pm. 

Though you would not gather that from the press release that Coro FM GM Kate Rigg put out this morning which deliberately 'fudged' that information in an effort to preserve the 'local' moniker:

I write to share with you the news that towards the end of September, and after 25 years,  Coromandel FM  is changing to a  locally focused ‘Coromandel MORE  FM ’ station.

 Coromandel’s More FM  will enjoy exactly the same coverage footprint and frequencies that Coromandel FM currently does and continue to operate from it’s  offices in Thames and Whitianga.

There will be a few new faces.  From 6am ach weekday morning Andy Mac and Jacqui Jensen will provide the region with a fiercely local breakfast show containing the  latest news, competitions, events  and best music mix.  Both Andy and Jacqui have family ties in the Coromandel and with young families they are looking forward to rejoining that family support network.  They  have extensive broadcasting experience around many parts of New Zealand.  Andy with Classic Hits both hosting shows and as a rugby commentator and Jacqui with More FM, ZM and The Edge.    

From 10am Jacqui will continue to entertain until 3pm  and then the Drive show  will see the launch of  new top notch duo Jason Gunn and Larna Searle.  Jason you’ll know (your kids probably won’t) from shows like; The Son of a Gunn Show, McDonald’s Young Entertainers, What Now, The Rich List and a raft of others.  The show  will continue to have local  and national news  and weather and  other  information throughout. 

We have also created a new position of Operations Manager and head of news and Andy George will take on that role .  Andy has been involved in every aspect of radio you can imagine across markets throughout New Zealand for 15 years and is looking forward to moving his family to the region.

Weekends will continue to have a local flavour with our regular features. 

With the change we sadly say goodbye to broadcasters Rex Simpson, Alan Beagle and Mike Bain  when we changeover September 21st.    I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their contribution to the legacy that has been Coromandel Fm and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. 

Broadcasting a successful and well-resourced local Coromandel More FM  will continue the tradition of providing exceptional radio to our listeners and clients .

You will of course still have your local  account manager, creative and promotions teams  working with you on your business and there is no alteration to rates or the ability to have on-sites or phone in’s or community information and news  that are so very local to the  region.   

If you have any queries, please feel welcome to contact me directly.   An official announcement from our CEO Wendy Palmer  will go to the market at midday today  and I just wanted to give you the news first. 

My earlier release of most of this information apparently caused consternation at the Station - they are used to manipulating their own news, and as with all MSM hate it when a mere blogger 'spills the beans.' 

But fear not - the duo will provide "a fiercely local breakfast show." That is good - perhaps poor old Rex needs to develop his "fierce" side! Joking aside, it will be sad to see Rex out of here - he was a widely respected operator, and though he has struggled to keep up with the machinations of the Community Board and Council, he has done a reasonable job there - particularly in his other professional role as a compere of events.  

As for news - that is interesting - one Andy George is moving in as Ops Manager and head of news - that means in effect general factotum, but serves the need to change the job designation and title to smooth the removal of Mike Bain - pretty transparent really. But broadcasting generally is a pretty transient job, and musical chairs the game.   

I predict that almost all the 'back-office' stuff will be done in Parnell despite all the flannel in the release. That is what has happened virtually everywhere else where MediaWorks has moved in. My information from other sources is that there is a probability of a 50% drop in advertising revenue resulting from such moves elsewhere - hence the blatant attempt to 'gloss' this release with 'local' content. Best wait and see.

In the meantime, farewell to Rex, Mike and Alan - they have done their time, and were not so bad as to deserve this, but other agendas are at work I am afraid.




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Reader Comments (2)

Heard a rumour there is a new local station starting before the end of this year. apparently they will have a familiar name but people will be here not networked. Started by a guy who has family in Tairua. Maybe we wont have to endure more auckland radio after all.

August 21, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterelec_tech

That would be.........................
100.3 FM at Pauanui.

August 21, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterTairua Coffee

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