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Ministerial Hubris

I must say that I for one am becoming totally disillusioned and exasperated with the unacceptable level of incompetence being shown throughout our ministerial ranks of late, but never more exemplified that in the unbelievably dumb document released yesterday by Mr Woodhouse - is this man a complete moron? - he certainly looked it last evening as he attempted to deal with perfectly straight-forward questions concerning the classification of certain industries under the new safety legislation requiring 'safety committees' on certain sites.

Of course the Feds can feel well satisfied that they have reigned him in on dairy, sheep and cattle etc. but to have allowed bee-keeping, worm and Llama farming into the top category is simply the height of stupidity, and he showed by his reaction that he had no idea what it was he had wrought. This paper will provide a field day for lazy left-wing journalists for weeks to come, and Key and his cohort will just have to squirm as more anomalies are brought to light - how on earth could that have been allowed to happen? Is this down to some vindictive bureaucrat in Woodhouse's department? Or is it all of his own making? We will probably never know.

Switch then to Key being "a little surprised" at the number of felons on the loose after having taken scissors to their ankle bracelets - eighteen for God's sake - can you believe it? So much for the 'no surprises' policy that he instituted from day one of his administration.

Then cast your eye to the manner in which they are being hung out to dry on housing. Is this real, or simply climate change?  The one bright light remaining - English, then puts out the most facile and badly researched paper on infrastructure that any administration could be guilty of. He, and others in Cabinet obviously have no clue as to the state of the three waters throughout the country - including here in Thames. The cost of renewing 100 year old infrastructure is about to hit home, never mind the state of our dilapidated state housing stock, and central Government has no clue as to how it will be paid for, other than raving on about PPP's. Spare me!

I cannot imagine that Key is anything other than exasperated with the performance of his senior ministers, let alone the neophytes like Maggie Barry who masquerade in their roles. and are barely able to respond to the most simple questions. And as for McCully - the more time he spends out of the country the better - he is a major embarrassment who Key should have dumped long ago before his utter arrogance, together with that of his side-kick Grosser became almost too much to bear.

Surely to God there is room for our Scott somewhere in these ranks, or is he cunningly avoiding association with complete idiots to avoid being tarred with the same brush? Whatever, there must a considerable number of local Nat stalwarts who are becoming disillusioned with his performance. What about his much vaunted closeness to the throne - he is supposed to be "great mates" with Key, but nevertheless ignored while totally inadequate morons run the country.

Yes, hubris is not too strong a word! 




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