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'Coromandel Heritage Region' V.s Goudie!

It was never likely to be smooth sailing, and hence the introduction of this CHR proposal behind the 'closed doors' of a Economic Development Committee 'workshop.'

Leach must off his rocker if he thought this would sail through Council with the backing of the EDC.

He obviously has a few political tricks to learn - this being a perfect vehicle for Sandra Goudie to climb aboard and drive a wedge through Council. She has put a 'stake in the ground' through her old mate Cameron Massey in a story that appeared today in Stuff.

 "I understand it is coming back to council, but it's already been touted in such a way as to be accepted by those that are supporting it as fait accompli." 

Cr Goudie has always, I suspect, being skeptical of the role of the Economic Development Committee, and any suggestion of it involving itself at the outset in any project of this magnitude will be like 'red rag to another bull' - never mind Reihana and the Northern Coromandel Landcare Association. I would suggest that there is now next to no chance of it getting through Council, let alone the necessary legislation passing through Parliament. And Sandra knows this as well as anyone.

"If they wanted to achieve this by just calling ourselves something, they could call it The World Renowned Coromandel Recreational Park, for example. You don't have to go and register with somebody, you just call yourself that, it costs you nothing."

Sandra's stake in the ground will prove a major hurdle for Peter French - his support of 'everything Leach' will be put to the test - probably as soon as the next meeting. Will he decide to just keep his head down, or take on Goudie - that should be amusing, if not edifying, and could determine his Mayoral aspirations quite early in the piece. You may be sure that Goudie will not run from a fight - either with Leach or French, and this could result in the first real stouch of this Term after a long 'phoney' war.

Sandra knows a 'hot-button' issue when she sees one, and Leach's Legacy ambitions may come to a grinding halt. All that remains is to determine Chris Adams's bill, and get it out of the way. This horse isn't going anywhere!




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