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Council 5/8 - Coromandel Great Walks 

Here is the Chief Executive Report for Wednesday's meeting on this matter:

The Coromandel Great Walks Projects (Area Manager Whangamata/Tairua-Pauanui)

Lotteries funding was approved and signed off on 16 July.  $500,000 has been released for the first phase of the project. The funding application to Trust Waikato is under consideration ($300,000) and a decision will be known by mid-August. John Gaukrodger is now contracting directly to TCDC as the Walks Project Manager, for an initial three year period.  John will be based at the DOC Thames office. The Walks project will be managed under the Prince2 project management model.

A full business case and report is currently being prepared for the September Council meeting seeking the release of $1.25m as required.  This report will be all encompassing of the project.

A resource management consultant has visited Lees Road car park and Pa Road car park to assess possible requirement for consent.  A geotech survey of the proposed car park has been undertaken. We await the traffic management survey being undertaken by MWH (August).  The report will inform the project plan and Directors.

  • ·             Contact: Garry Towler
  • ·             Elected Member contact for Phases 1-2: Glenn Leach, with Project Team of TCDC, DoC and Iwi
  • ·             Next Major Milestone: Establish the Governance structure (August)

Note - no mention of the Hahei Residents and Ratepayers Association concerns, particularly over parking. It is to hoped that this does not indicate an 'ignore it, and it will go away' situation. There is just too much at stake for Council to be following this course. Also, the failure to acknowledge the shortfall in the Lottery Grant, or indicate that this will be likely be covered by a later allocation, indicates what can only be regarded as  a 'head in the sand' attiude.

There has appeared a great deal of this evident in all the major projects undertaken by this Council.




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