Mileage Claims
Monday, August 3, 2015 at 4:59PM
Bill Barclay

I am not about to enter into churlish inquiries regarding travel (mileage) claims made by our councillors. 

But when facts concerning these claims are raised in open council meetings then they are fair game - particularly in the WRC where certain councillors have a well established record of making huge claims that are extremely difficult to dispute. 

The all-round champion in this area is undoubtedly Peter Buckley who seems to have rather extravagant needs in dealing with the requirements of his position. He probably developed these needs during his position as chair, when he probably was in possession of a Council provided vehicle.

His latest claim for 12 months running at $11,974.45 as reported in the Waikato Times has raised the ire of the easily 'ireable'  Louis Livingstone who kept her claims to a mere $230. That figure probably reflects a level of effort at the other end of the spectrum. 

Louis raised issues of "fairness" during the recent meeting - not suggesting any level of dishonesty of course. Others appeared to be excessive with their claims as well, and our man Clyde Graf claimed that "he couldn't break even on the basis of the 37c per kilometer" paid beyond 5,000 per annum (the first 5,000 is reimbursed at 77c. "But that I guess is the trade-off for the privilege of this role" said Clyde - an admirable and public spirited position for Mr Graf to take, one for which he will be appreciative of the publicity!

Public discussion of Peter Buckley's claim on the other hand will likely cause him no little embarrassment.

But three cheers for open government - there should be more of it.




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