Swimming Pool Dilemma
Sunday, August 9, 2015 at 12:48PM
Bill Barclay

Having made their decision to provide Zoom Zone with the entire available contents of the TUGPRA A/c, our Community Board will be faced with a major dilemma concerning the current Pool when it meets tomorrow.

I have had reported to me a water 'gusher' at the Pool this morning resulting in a large crack in the concrete surround. There are indications of substantial remedial work being required following the break-up of large sections of concrete, together with indications of other major repairs that may necessitate the immediate closure of the Pool. 

Staff and elected members have been warned on many occasions of the limited engineering life of this Pool, and the need for replacement planning to commence without delay. 2020 was given in 2010 as the outside life of the pool after an extensive and professional review of the state of the sub, and superstructure. Staff chose to ignore this opinion in the face of the demands made by the Zoom Zone  people. 

Of course, with the advent of this Council, alternative engineering views were sought  that apparently extended the life of the Pool by several years. Such is the variation of engineering views when client preferences are taken into account. 

They will surely play for time tomorrow, and seek a further engineering review,  but I remain disgusted with the entirely self-serving decision made in regard to TUGPRA A/c - a reserve that was supposed to benefit the entire community - not just those who have a need for a dry court. Thames without a Pool will indeed be a poor place to live for many people, including the children, the elderly, and those with major health problems who have benefited from its excellent management.  

It will be interesting to observe the reaction tomorrow, assuming that a report even makes it to the meeting. Staff will likely 'down-play' the damage, but that will be difficult as even a cursory inspection will reveal.


Update on Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 7:16AM by Registered CommenterBill Barclay

Check comments - all is not what it seems! The damage is not as bad as earlier described.




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