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Another Woodhouse Disaster

It almost beggars belief that Key can tolerate the incompetence of his List Minister - Michael Woodhouse.

Not content with stuffing up on the Health and Safety legislation that was pushed through the gritted teeth of of his colleagues last week, he has now sailed into the fray once more with another classical boo-boo by passing the buck to councils to decide on their own local opening hours on Easter Sunday.

Today's NZH Editorial said it all, or nearly all:

"To heap insult on injury, the legislation is significantly flawed. Its passes the buck to local councils to enact bylaws enabling businesses in their areas to open on Easter Sunday. Those keen to harvest the tourist dollar are bound to say yes. Some, however, may be of a make-up that rejects the opportunity. In that case, one town or city may be open while another not far down the road will be shut. Tourists will have reason to be confused. Not that they will be unfamiliar with the practice of shops in countries around the world closing their doors on certain days of the year."

This moronic decision once again pushes an unpalatable piece of legislative junk down the line in the course of which councils will have to go through the whole by-law process including full consultation with all the associated costs. This could mean that we end up with shops open in Paeroa while they remain closed in Thames.

I suppose that there are good reasons - degree of sacredness is obviously on the mind of Mr Woodhouse when he decides that Sunday, but not Friday deserves to be treated in this manner. It is a mind-boggling joke that this government is incapable of making an orderly decision for the whole country in such a situation. Are they really that fearful of the clerical reaction from around the country? This is 2015, yet somehow we are still beholden to religious strictures when barely 30% of the population professes adherence to any of their scriptures.

There is undoubtedly a Catholic mafia at work behind the scenes, but within the environs of Parliament that we are barely able to see, or understand its influence. This I suspect is simply another manifestation of that group's handiwork. Regardless, once again council's are being required to pick up the mess. How depressing, but more important, how deeply flawed are elements within Key's ministry of whom Woodhouse is but one. 




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