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Coromandel Heritage Region Goes to Council

Ben Day ventures into the lion's-den on Wednesday by putting up a proposal for Council's "in principle"support for the CHR.

Goudie has been loudly declaiming her opposition around the town since the 'behind closed doors' proposal was made at the last Economic Development Committee meeting - see my post on 28 August

I would suspect that strong efforts have been made behind the scenes to 'shut her up' since she announced her total opposition in the HH the following week. There would have been strong motivation for her to take the contrary view at that time - having the proposal 'sprung on her' through the newspaper would have been one. It is staggering that Leach would have allowed this to happen when he knows perfectly well her views on landscape, interferring outside busy-bodies, and anything smacking of 'Green' influence. This proposal was like 'red rag to a bull,' and don't we now all know it!

So what will happen next week? In the event that attempts to shut her up fail, then Mr Day is in for very rough treatment, and Leach and others will be in her sights - not least French and Brljevich who were at the EDC meeting and voted to take the proposal to Council. But that is not all - Goudie has made it perfectly clear that she considers the proposal to have already been given a high level tick - a "fait accompli" in her own words.  

If she remains silent then that would indicate that she has been "got at," but I don't anticipate any such thing. As indicated earlier, this may signal the end of the 'phoney war' that has been kept under wraps so far this term. I don't think from my observation that Goudie has any time for any of them - they being far less committed to land ownerhip rights than she believes appropriate, and she may well be prepared to make a stand in order to ensure that her views are impressed indelibly on the TCDC electorate. 

No amount of behind the scenes manipulation and politicking will save this proposal if Sandra is prepared to make a stand.  I won't name those around the table who I believe will cave in and back her against Leach on this now that he has lost his 'big-stick,' having announced his retirement apparently in order to anoint French.

Bad move Glenn - you still have a few tricks to learn about timing

Mind you, sending the proposal to a 'closed-door workshop' in order to avoid public scrutiny of dissention in the ranks may well occur - not for the first time!


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