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Matters Arising

I have now had time to review the copious 'reports,' 'speechs' and 'notes' that were presented by various parties during the Day presentation on the Coromandel Heritage Region. This is in addition to the Geoffrey Robinson submission that I posted in full on 14 September.

As expected, Sandra Goudie was 'spitting chips' over the whole process, and had no hesitation in aiming her venom at Benjamin Day, and secondly, the EDC Chair - Brent Page:

"The question is - has the chair acted unilaterally and outside the scope and mandate of the EDC Committee, and in so doing failed in his duty to the Committee and thus Council?"

This was based on her analysis of the order papers since February when the idea of employing Adams to do this work was first pitched by Day and others. She then laid into Leach, Day and Page in no uncertain terms:

"Given the statements being made there would appear to be a lack of understanding of the actual concept plan and its contents by the Chair of the EDC Committee, the Deputy CEO and the Mayor."

These comments were based on at least nine extracted quotes from the document, in particular

Page 87  "Outcomes from the Coromandel Heritage Region project will not place aditional layers of control over the use and management of land and natural resources."

She remained implacably unrepentant, and unconvinced by any of the arguments put up Leach in defence of the statement. In fact Leach launched into an impassioned outburst, pockmarked by Goudie's interjections,  about his record, and that he "would never do anything to hurt the District." He was persuasive enough to convince the waverers and turncoats that they should get to back aboard the 'Leach Bus.'

Goudie's fury was palpable, and I suspect that had she previously been reluctant, her intention to stand for the mayoralty against French was made up at that point. That will make it a clear cut election issue, and French better prepare himself a dammed sight better than he demonstrated yesterday with his "I'm all the way with Leachy" effort.

Goudie finished off with a pretty good swipe at everyone concerned:

"The Accord (Coromandel) is contrary to grassroots management and local democracy in spite of the rhetoric."

Take that, all of you, and don't come bleating to me for chairmanships when I get in the box seat! - that may well have been going through her mind as she watched the earlier, majority opposition drop away in a cloud of Leach invective.

They may be able to dismiss the reasoned comments of Reihana Robinson and others, but it is not quite so easy to preserve Leach's much vaunted 'unity' when one of his number has nailed her colours to the mast with such vigour. Beware - this tigeress has been woken and is on the prowl! - Not a prospect I necessarily relish, believe me.

On the other hand - here is a quote from Jack Wells's written submission that characterises his attitude (before Leach!) in a nutskell!

"If you support the CHR concept, why have you voted to welcome in another pernicious Talk Fest, which will repeat the Kopu Bridge and the Coromandel Harbour Project dramas, already on the pinhead of progress, as the comparison. In my unencumbered view - even a blind person can see, SHE AINT BROKE."

Say no more!




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Reader Comments (5)

Jack wrote that and then voted to support investigations into the possible establishment of a “Coromandel Heritage Region” ???? Thats almost as bad as Tony Fox standing for Council to abolish boat ramp fees, and then later voting for their introduction!!

September 17, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterSailing Away

How do some people sleep at night - good on Goudie, she deserves to be in the box seat and will be the breath of fresh air that TCDC is in desperate need off. Goudie has my vote and also may she clean out the deadwood in the process they should be embarrassed taking home their fat pay cheques.

September 17, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterAnon

Good on Sandra Goudie .. As someone who lives in the Northern Coromandel, I welcome a person who has the stamina to stick up for our future. Why waste money on further investigation without taking this to a public forum first. Lets vote on it as the people of Coromandel before it is out of our hands, something this council seems set on doing. For those of us that live up here, we work hard to stay in our homes, earn a living and look after our heritage. We do not want to be in a situation where we cant create our futures due to Heritage restrictions. It will create an area where only the rich and the tourists will be able to live/visit, and 80% of those owned properties will end up as holiday homes.. those that live here deserve a voice and the council needs to listen.

September 18, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterover it

Funny thing, but I don't see anything in the proposed heritage status that would: "create an area where only the rich and the tourists will be able to live/visit, and 80% of those owned properties will end up as holiday homes.." as 'over it' is claiming.

So could 'over it' please point out the parts of the proposal that he thinks will create this effect?

Of course he won't be able to do so because he or she is attempting to recreate the same unjustifiable nonsense as Goudie.

It's bullshit and jelly beans my friend!

September 19, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterdream on

Yip Sailing Away -- Jack's efforts are known as 'grandstanding' in the trade. Say one thing then vote with the mob the other way!

September 20, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterToe Dipping

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