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A Profound Sin of Omission

I try to avoid becoming embroiled in anti MSM rants, even when provoked beyond measure by blatantly biased reports. The case in question concerns Volkswagen – the largest producer of motor vehicles in the World, and one that has suddenly acquired a level of infamy beyond anything that we have observed in the corporate world for some considerable time.

It is bad enough they its executives and engineers have been caught out for the execrable sin of installing software in their vehicles designed to bypass the emission checking devices in use both in the US and Europe. Not only that, but according to one radio report, a device injected chemicals designed to lower Nitrous Oxide levels when undergoing the testing procedures on diesel powered vehicles, presumably activated by the software.

That this could have occurred in the first place is almost beyond belief, and it extends to other brands owned by Volkswagen including Skoda, that use the VW produced (and otherwise highly regarded) diesel engine. One commentator today mentioned that he had been puzzled for some considerable time at the inability of Japanese and Korean produced diesel vehicles to achieve the performance levels of eqivalent German produced vehicles. There will undoubtedly be quiet satisfaction in those quarters. 

But here is the rub; the percentage of VW diesel engines used by all these manufacturers and sold in New Zealand is less than 20% of the total sales of these brands. In most news report that I have read of this debacle that has brought unprecedented acrimony on to VW to the extent that its share price dropped over 20% in one day, it has been made very clear that the deliberately altered software applied only to their diesel powered vehicles.

On the other hand, anyone with the slightest interest in the matter will have been puzzled, if not horrified to hear those, mainly TV news reports that have omitted any reference of the ‘D’ word. In this manner, the entire VW output of vehicles, including all of those sold in this country were ‘tarred’ with the diesel brush by this careless, or was it deliberate omission?

Resale prices of VW cars will have been immediately and substantially affected, and the future of VW in this country placed at greater risk than would otherwise have been the case. The absolute candour of the New Zealand manager of the marque has been clear for all to see. In one interview, I watched as he was ‘ambushed’ by the questioner who managed to avoid any reference to the ‘D’ word, thus creating the impression that the problem related to the entire Volkswagen fleet - a grossly unfair and destructive, if not deliberate misinformation in my opinion!





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