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"Bloggers Are A Bloody Nuisance!"

I understand that bloggers can prove to be a bloody nuisance in all sorts of ways, but in the absence of any credible MSM interest in investigative reporting of council activities, it will become more and more necessary for organisations such as TCDC to get used to ‘amateur’ observers. Not comfortable I agree, but no less legitimate.

It seems to me that it is high time that councils took note of this new paradigm, prepare staff to deal with it, and avoid looking like dicks through misinterpreting either their obligations, or the rights of bloggers. The nasty and childish motivation that clearly led to the  removal of the Media Table from Council Chambers in 2011 by the current Chief Executive, no doubt egged on by Leach will not be easily forgotten, though it has hardly hindered my ability to record events.

I am in the process of an exchange of emails with Communications Manager Laurna White (about whom - no complaint!) regarding my post on 18 September "And Now There Are 260!" Let us say there has been an indignant, in unconvincing response. I will post the exchange later today in the absence of any reply to my response to Laurna. In the meantime I am told that there is some consternation within the walls of the Castle. 




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