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Laurna's Email

Following my post “And Then There Were 260!” on 18 December, I received yesterday (24 September) at 10.40am the following from Laurna White – TCDC Communications Manager:

Good morning Bill,

In your recent blog you have written on 1 September 2015 TCDC has FTE equivalents of 260 staff. Can you let me know where you got your information from? I did not received an inquiry from you about whether this figure was correct or not and am querying the information and seeking a correction of these details on your blog.

Our audited Annual Report figures, which are available to the public, show that our Permanent FTE figures as of 30 June 2015 was 191. The Full Time Equivalent (FTE) calculation is the standard method used to compare staff numbers and are based on the total hours worked by all full-time, part-time and casual employees in each year divided by the hours worked by a full time employee (40 hours per week).

Figures for the past 7 years are:

2015- 191 FTEs

2014 - 179 FTEs

2013 - 179 FTEs

2012 - 157 FTEs 

2011 - 197 FTEs

2010 - 193 FTEs

2009 -187 FTEs

Our latest FTE count takes into account that we have recently employed new staff for regulatory purposes (liquor licencing, health and safety), following changes to government legislation. We have also previously brought out-sourced roles back in-house, which has proved to be cost effective (this includes regulatory/bylaws and legal staff).

Also following recommendations from the Deloitte Report and Audit NZ we now have a Business Improvement Manager to ensure projects are better managed.

Also included in these most recent figures is AA staff, based out of our Thames office.

I also refer you to our Annual Reports, which show "severance payments," to any staff member that is over and above their contractual entitlement. This includes payments made in the settlement of personal grievances.

These are disclosed each year in which the payment is made and again this information is available to the public. You will note that in the past seven years there have been five such payments totaling $99,093.00. Nearly half of this amount relates to two payments made under the previous Mayor and Council.

Here's a breakdown of severance payments.

2015 - nil

2014 - one for $10,000

2013 - one for $27,383

2013 - one for $16,710

2012- nil
2011 - nil

2010 - (pre-election) two. One for $25,000 and another for $20,000.




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