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Local News - In Spades!

A number of interesting local news items have appeared over the last few days:

Porritt Park Toilets

This is a rather irritable response to what have clearly been some anxious enquiries regarding the future of the Poritt Park Playground with the plonking down of a new toilet in the middle of where a large number of children have played in the past.

What the presser does not say is that the actual location of the loo has changed quite markedly from where it was originally proposed to be placed.

Part of the reason for this is the difficulty that staff have had in locating existing sewer lines that apparently had been inadequately recorded in the past. But that is really no excuse for the acerbic tone of the presser that literally accuses complainants of not reading copious information that emanates from the Castle.

The writer goes on to list all the various media that generally carry the Council pressers verbatim – woe betide anyone who questions the content. Needless to say this blog does not get a mention, so I will blow my own trumpet. If you really want to know what is going on, you may be better to cast an eye in this direction occasionally.  

The whole debacle appears to be leading towards a gross overspend on the entire project that started with the placement of the new Skatepark.


This is a very overdue action on the part of Council - fly-tipping has become endemic, and a dammed nuisance, though I have found the response to reports of tipping on Victoria Street Extension excellent – it is generally dealt with on the same day as reported, but it must be at considerable cost to ratepayers.

The problem is that it is virtually impossible to nail ‘tippers’ unless they are caught in the act. I found clearly definitive evidence in a house lot once that led to the perpetrators being located, but they were simply told to get up there and remove it themselves – no prosecution followed due to lack of an eye-witness – bloody strange if you ask me!

Council Sports Tournament

Gor-blimey – that should be exciting. I can’t wait see our indomitable Council sportsmen at play. Obviously our Civic Centre is the only suitable venue available at short notice. Don’t quite know how to handle that!

Pool Closure

The start of the school holidays sounds an excellent time to close the Pool for its maintenance upgrade and dome removal. The presser provides an apology for this untimely event, but no explanation, so that we are left to speculate.

No, I can’t think of any good reason – can you?





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