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My Response!

Thank you for that Laurna.

Nothing it seems is ever as it appears at first sight.

I refer you in the first instance to the Mayor’s statement in the Waikato Times from 2012 wherein he claimed in an interview with Maryanne Twentyman –that he had “toppled staff numbers from 230 to around 180”

That certainly does not equate with your figures - something just does not add up – never has! Even when I was on Council, I was never able to verify the figures we were given.

On the other hand, you have made statements that certainly contradict the information that I have in my possession.

The TCDC documents I have been provided with include a Headcount by Organisation Unit, including by Gender, and Employment Status.

Further it contains a numeric breakdown by Organisation Unit that indicates Total FTE of 248.35, and an additional 10 new starts from July to September.

A second document provides Headcount and Hires by month from July 2014 through June 2015 indicating a total Headcount of 240 by 30 June 2015.

I have no reason to doubt the veracity of these documents, and they roughly approximate the additional numbers that have been reported to me from other sources.

Had I had any doubt about this documentary evidence I would have sought confirmation or otherwise from you as I have often done in the past.

I have no idea how the figures you have provided can be supported – something appears screwy, and I would suggest that it may well relate to the category of employee – contractors, consultants and other esoteric definitions that have often been used both here and elsewhere in the past to disguise movement.

I am not accusing TCDC of such deception – simply that the figures don’t add up, and I would certainly require more and better evidence that has been provided to date.  

If you have any further information that can support the information that you have provided me, I would be happy to examine it.

The other matter concerns payments relating to PGs, and other severance arrangements involving settlements negotiated in the maim by the CEO.

Once again, the information you have provided simply does not equate with the statements that I have been given by staff who have left following substantial settlements, and after agreeing to sign confidentiality agreements.

I would need to see a statutory declaration from the CEO stating that he had never made any such agreement with any departing staff member, other than the three you have indicated in order to withdraw my statement.

This is because once again the evidence I have is compelling, and involves substantially greater numbers that those that you have provided, and are not confined to PGs by any stretch of the imagination.  

Three PG settlements totalling $54,093 is risible, and does come within cooee of the severance arrangements about which I have been informed, confidentiality notwithstanding.

If I can be proven wrong on either of these matters, I am quite prepared to withdraw and apologise. I realise that places you in a very invidious position because you can work off the figures you have been given.

On the other hand, I am sure that you can understand where I am coming from.      





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