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TCDC Again Fails to Post Agendas On Time 

For five years I have been frustrated in being unable to access agendas within the statutory time frame that is imposed by the LGA on every Council - three full working days before any meeting - Council, Board or Committee.

The latest egregious example of this total inability of highly paid staff to meet this statutory requirement has occurred today with the absence of the agenda for the Economic Development Committee for its 29 September meeting from the TCDC website as at 5pm today.

This is by no means unusual - it has happened on countless occasions, and I have been given countless excuses for their absence, all of which now lead one to the inescapable conclusion that retention of agendas is a deliberate ploy to keep observers such as myself ignorant of what is going on until the very last moment, thus preventing pre-analysis of Council intentions, and staff recommendations. It simply cannot be explained in any other way.

Every other council in this country appears to be able to post their agendas on time without the constant excuses that are provided from within this Council, and I am constantly embarrassed by having to complain to the Communication Manager - Laurna White - it is not her responsibility to oversee the posting of agendas.

It is simply not good enough to constantly blame the hardware, the software, subordinates and the 'fairies under then bed' for the failure to comply. Nobody appears to care, and no one appears be able to fix this repeated failure. I thought that with the advent of the new Governance Manager - Angela Jane, that we had someone sufficiently competent to be able to apply the level of oversight necessary to ensure compliance.

But no such luck - she appear as incompetent as all her predecessors to oversee the  process, and we continue to wait, and wait for agendas to appear at the convenience of the various people who are responsible for compiling and posting them in an appropriate time-frame.

I have no doubt that the agenda for the EDC will appear on Monday morning inside 24 hours from the start of the meeting. It is impossible give what is likely to be a substantial agenda sufficient analysis in that time frame, and staff are well aware of that limitation. Ben Day is responsible for this Committee, but as usual his  arrogance appears to determine the manner in which he meets the public needs for this information. He appears to consider himself above all that, and responsible only to the 'high level' business group who he and Leach have appointed to the EDC.

Why we put up with this crap I will never understand.




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