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WRC To Hear Leach On CHR

The WRC manages to get its agenda out well before the statutory three days that our Council even has difficulty meeting, and then manages to make access to PDF documents as difficult as possible.

The adgenda for the WRC Meeting for 30 September - already on their website, contains a item relating to consultation with our Mayor over the progressing of the Coromandel Heritage Region proposal - Leach will attend the meeting to explain it all.

Here are the recommendations that are to go to that Council:

1. That the report Thames Coromandel District Council, Proposal for a Coromandel Heritage Region (Doc #3498353 dated 2 September 2015) be received.

2. That Waikato Regional Council acknowledges that the Coromandel Heritage Region concept is in the very early stages of development and indicates it’s support in principle to the concept of a Coromandel Heritage Region.

3. That Waikato Regional Council receives regular updates from TCDC on progress with the proposal with a view to understanding in more detail what the proposal may have for Waikato Regional Council roles and responsibilities.

What is clear is that Leach feels that he now has the mandate to progress the Adam's proposal to the exclusion of all other possible arrangements, and he will promote it accordingly virtually as a fait accompli as fast as he can manage it.

If those councillors who changed their stance on the matter during the course of the meeting on 16 September thought for one moment that they had simply approved a "discussion" timetable, they need to think again. The Leach train has left the station, and is on its way to Wellington for a spectacular 'reveal.'




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