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Agenda Delay Explained!

This just in from Michelle Baker - EDC Committee Advisor. 

Afternoon Bill,

I am contacting you to apologise for the delay in the availability of the Economic Development Committee agenda for the 29 September meeting.

Below shows the day and date/time I updated the website  with the agenda and set what is called a "delayed publish" for the page to update on Friday however unfortunately  it did not work.  I take responsibility for not checking that on Friday it was available and I apologise for this and hope you can believe there was no ill intent when it comes to keeping information from the public. Unfortunately between human and technology errors sometime the information does not become available when we mean it to.

I am happy that if you wish to discuss this further I can give you a call. Also in future please know that you can contact me in advance of an Economic Development Committee if you think something isn't available that should be and I will follow this up promptly.

Kind Regards,

Michelle Baker

Committee Advisor

To which I replied:

Thank you for the explanation Michelle

Unfortunately, I have had so much frustration in this regard over the years, that I have almost given up.

For the life of me I cannot understand why it is necessary to put it on ‘delayed publish’.

Other councils put their agendas up when they are ready – note current WRC agenda up 14 days before the meeting – presumably at the same time they go out to councillors.

Why on earth can’t the same practice be adopted here? It would make it a great deal easier for interested public viewing, and at the same time ensure that you are in compliance with the Act.

Just a thought!



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