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Business as Usual - 30 September!

It is de jevu, all over again! (with apologies to the late, incomparable Yogi Berra, deceased this week!)

With the approach of 30 September it is time to once again draw attention the voluntary pledge system by which this blog operates.

Out of interest, and because I needed to be sure that the pledge was not a ‘put-off’ for readers, I have been in to see how other blogs of this type operate. I was surprised to find that a number have resorted to placing advertising of various types. Some of this is simply done by selling space to aggregators who bring in a range of small ads, most of which I would certainly not want on these pages.

On the other hand, I found myself irritated by ‘pop-ups’ that penetrate into the most interesting articles in an aggravating manner. None of that appears desirable! Then there are fixed subscriptions that have other connotations and responsibilities. None appeal to me, and probably would not warrant the effort. 

All in all, the voluntary pledge seems to work for me. I am not going to go to the wall over it - it is simply an encouragement to know that there are readers out there who appreciate the effort put in sufficient to top up the exchequer on a regular 3 x $25 per annum basis, or whenever. 

I am extremely grateful to those who have contributed in the past – even multiples of $25 thank you! I do not acknowledge them, or provide receipts – they are simply pledges, with no obligation either way. But I do note them, and they are really appreciated.

You can be sure that this is the only way that I will seek to recover costs – no ads, no pop-ups, no subscriptions – just hand in pocket occasionally to keep the show on the road.  By the way, my Audience Size for the last month is 1,720 discreet visitors, and over 5,000 hits, 400 on a good day - not bad for a small town blog I suggest. And September is generally a tough month. 

The next pledge date will be on 31 March 2016 – a long way off!  A/c No is 03 0458 0274812 002. 




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