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Economic Development Committee

The agenda for this meeting finally appeared on the website this morning - but don't expect any apology for its late arrival.

In fact, it has virtually nothing new to report on any of the major projects:

Heritage Region - exactly as presented to Council, and reported earlieer.

Great Walks - Exactly as presented to Council, and reported earlier. 

Rail Trail - Completely absent, - the progress or otherwise of this project remains enigmatic.

Coromandel Harbour - Exactly as before - hidden from view behind Public excluded - draw your own conclusions.

And now we have a new report - The Business Broker Report wherein Day presents a great deal of information derived from an Infometics quarterly statistics report  on the region's economic progress over the last 12 months. This makes very interesting reading, and indicates some quite remarkable figures, well above the national average, and even Waikato in a number of areas, not the least tourism. Day has chosen the best of these for his own Economic Indicators Report.

But he has (probably quite rightly) kept his detailed report on relationships with (presumably the 25 separate clients indicated in his 'open' report) for 'Public Excluded.' Fair enough!

It appears from his Report that the Castle has been turned upside down to provide 'business services' to all these clients, and encourage them to follow through with their plans by making Council requirements as simple as possible.  I guess that in time we will get  quantitative information of the success or otherwise of this initiative.

I am constantly amused by his references to "high level" contact. I note in that regard that business not constituting 'big' business proposals (in his view) are consigned to "low-level" contact with someone in Customer Services. I suppose a Deputy Chief Executive needs to establish those parameters early on! 




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Reader Comments (1)

Thanks for publishing this Bill. The Business Broker Report does not given any indication of what has been achieved by the Business Broker - where is the justification of extending the contractor for a further 6 months, at an indicative cost (taking into account at least 4 week shutdown over Xmas holiday period) the cost to TCDC will be $38,000, plus travel $39,600 (which appears extremely high). Why do we continue to have the excuse we need a contractor until we sort out the staffing levels in Economic Development?

Agree when will be see the quantitative success of the investment in Economic Development for the District.

September 28, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterAnon

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