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I Say; You Say!

So far the only response that I have had to my ‘commentary’ on the email exchange between Laurna White and myself over the staff discrepancy’ has been one emailed sentence indicating that she “would get back to me shortly.”

That was at 3.21pm on Monday.  So far – nothing, but I do know that she mounted a spirited defence of the Council position through the Council Intranet where she apparently runs her own blog. In it she basically calls for loyalty, repeats the staffing figures that she provided to me, and then suggested that staff not read my blog – it must be mine she is talking about because there is no other.

That is a shame, because staff should be prepared to expose themselves to contrary views to those that are presented to them ‘in-house,’ and make judgments based on proven facts rather than figures that are presented to them year after year with no supporting evidence.

I may be wrong, but the documents that I have quoted are reliable until proven otherwise. Perhaps those who are influenced by Laurna’s appeals to loyalty should ask for once to see the evidence, and fully question the role of ‘contractors’ within the organisation.

The other factor that those who supported Laurna’s ‘blog’ through comments should remember is that my blog is not aimed at boosting egos, or supporting staff, though I have often done so – you have your  own means of doing that. My blog is aimed at providing verifiable information to rate-payers, and I believe that its readership figures would support the view that I do that in a manner that most readers find acceptable, and useful. Current verified readership is 1,738 separate and distinct readers for the month to 30 September, many of whom are of course repeat viewers.  

I would never have started this blog if I had not recognised the danger posed by the election of Leach following the promulgation of a multitude of lies and mis-information during his election campaign, and the subsequent appointment of a number of sycophantic senior staff who have overseen the provision of a range of challengeable information on which many decisions of our Council have been based.

Sure, as Laurna suggests, a great deal of what I post is ‘editorialising.’ I am not sure what she is suggesting in that regard, but I would challenge her to identify all those items in the last twelve months, or any other period that she considers ‘inaccurate’ or incorrect. Laurna claims twenty years’ experience in journalism – against my five years as a blogger. Well I have 40 years of experience in top levels of government and business. I will let others judge the relative merits of those qualifications.

I urge anyone who considers that I have infringed Press Council standards to raise those issues with me in the first instance – that is why I remain one of the few bloggers who has sought and obtained membership, and submit to its oversight. To date, and after ten months of membership, I have not had one single issue raised, let alone referred. I think that speaks for itself.

Those who are comfortable with the manner in which our Council is operating should perhaps obtain their information elsewhere. I will certainly continue to meet what I consider the needs of my target audience - the rate-payers of the District, and this town in particular. I cannot satisfy everyone, but at least my blog provides an alternative view to the anodyne and selective press releases presided over by Laurna as TCDC Communication Manager.

And all staff should perhaps remind themselves at regular intervals to whom it is that they are ultimately responsible.





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Reader Comments (3)

A very good summary.

I would find it simply amazing and mind blogging if a Communications Manager(read Spin Doctor) within a Local Government organisation suggest to staff not read a certain blog.

That is wrong on so many levels it is hard to know where to start. Are we not in a democracy(nominal at least putting aside theories of ruling elites:).

I applaud your efforts as you must be getting close to the bone on a number of issues.

I await with interest Laurna's rebuttal of your claims with verifiable and auditable information.

October 1, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

When an organisation tries to suggest what its staff should and shouldn't read you know it is in dire trouble. Just what information does Management of TCDC not want its staff to discover? The fact that they have been lied to consistently ever since Leach and Hammond arrived on the scene? Really just how stupid does the Communications Manager think staff are? I would suggest we are a couple of steps ahead of that lot.

October 1, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterInsider

I heard that your blog was blocked on the staff internet so nobody was able to read it while in the TCDC offices. I applaud your efforts to shine a light on the deep malaise inflicting this organisation and cant wait for the day when you can get tangible proof of the excessive waste of public money the TCDC appears to be adept at. From the little I know, you are closer to the truth than you probably realise.

October 3, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRuby

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