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Leach Rebuffed at WRC Meeting

In what must constitute one of the most stunning reversals in his fortunes while Mayor of this District, Leach failed today to secure the support of the WRC for his Coromandel Heritage Region proposal - as reported in Stuff.

Not only rebuffed, but shot down in flames going by the Stuff report by 7 to 2 with only Southgate and Stu Kneebone supporting - and with 2 abstentions!

All this in spite of Hamilton Waikato Tourism - former Destination Coromandel's Graham Osborne, now Chair of HWT, strongly supporting Southgate's motion. 

Councillor Hugh Vercoe must have really enjoyed having fun at Leach's expense -

"For us to endorse in principle something that I have no idea what I'm endorsing. Am I missing something?"

Vercoe's antipathy for Leach has been palpable since the unitary council was floated.

Anyone who thought that Goudie would sit on her hands after last Wednesday's Resolution went through Council had better think again. Goudie has strong support  - particularly through the Coromandel Property Owners Alliance - yes, Chris Vickerman was present, and no doubt influencing the vote outcome.

Hammond sounded pathetic, as he often does:

"The proposed actions in the plan are from Miles Media, they're not our proposed steps forward because we don't have that yet," Hammond said.

"One of the things we're doing is developing a project initiation document which will answer some of the questions of how we're going to do it, what will it cost .. a very detailed document.

"There's very little point to progress it to the investigation if the key parties aren't on board."

Well, on that basis , it seems that TCDC may well need to retire and lick its wounds, because that was  a real hiding that they were delivered today.

Watch tomorrow's presser to see how they decide to spin this setback in the best possible light - not easy! 




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Reader Comments (1)

What an embarrassment, fancy going to WRC with hand out and NO business case or firm proposal to put forward. Not surprised that WRC gave them their marching orders. Hammond comes across as an absolute idiot - who appointed him I ask you! His right hand boy - Ben Day is no better either, we had the TV3 interview over the Grahamstown crematorium and he came across totally misinformed and did TCDC no favours either - we are fast becoming the laughing stock of the Waikato with the crew we have in place - roll on the 2016 elections.

October 4, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJust a ratepayer

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