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Enlightened Beekeeping!

It seems that I may have been a little premature when I let TCDC off the hook over the bureaucratic actions by Opus on the Victoria Street Extension hive sites.

I have been reliably informed that Opus did approach Council for a direction on what to do about the hives, and were told to “get rid of them!” That would appear par for the course, and perhaps the heat should come off Opus, though not over the lack of supervision of their manager – Jack Wass, whose letter to “The Beekeeper” was quite out of order.

Here is how the Wellington City Council handles the matter – albeit within the City, but nevertheless it does highlight a rather more enlightened attitude towards what is a thriving and growing industry.

Note – no mention of any fees or rentals, but oversight of this aspect would probably cost more than potential revenue in any case. It simply sets out simple rules for anyone setting out to occupy Council owned land with hives, and with modification could be quite applicable in this jurisdiction, though I can imagine the wrath of beekeepers who have operated free of regulation (and fees!) in the past.

Well they have to understand that times have changed, including population locations, and expectations are different. Some regulation is inevitable. The important thing is to get TCDC and Opus off their backs, and this may provide a way out.




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