The Shadowy World of Match Fixing
Friday, January 29, 2016 at 11:48AM
Bill Barclay

I know no more about tennis than the average Kiwi, but I am constantly surprised at the number of friends and acquaintances who subscribe to Sky specifically to access the NZ and Australian Opens at this time of the year.

When I read this story in today's New York Times, I was blown away by a world of which I had absolutely no knowledge - tennis 'fixing'. I had thought that it was all about betting on major matches, but that is hardly the case if you give any credibility to this front page report. It mainly appears to involve players in the sub 150 rankings who are barely able to survive on the circuit with additional lucrative 'deals' with 'fixers.'

I would not bother with this kind of story normally, but in the absence of major local stuff, apart from all the 'good news' stories about frolicking in the surf and beery barbecues, there is not much to talk about. Later - perhaps over the weekend, I do foresee a major break concerning more machinations involving the turning of our Peninsula into a tourism paradise that may or may not suit existing inhabitants. But our Mayor is determined - of that you can be sure, and he appears to be preparing the way for his post-mayoralty role in that area.   




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