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Final Results

Their is only one result that shows up in the final results with which I am very disappointed - that relates to the Council result for Thames, and Craig Cassidy's failure to edge Rex Simpson by 19 votes - 10 if they were 'swapped.'

I believe that Craig did a far better job than Rex on the previous Board - he demonstrated substantial commitment to the job and was responsible for a number of interesting initiatives. There is no point in listing them here - he has lost, and I think he accepts that reality in the same manner as anyone else who has lost a local election in this manner, much like myself. You just get on with life.

I have no real objection to Rex, other that trhe fact that he appeared to contribute very little during the trerm of the previous Board, and I don't expect him to contribute a great deal on Council, but I would certainly like to be surprised in that regard. He appeared to be an observer rather than an initiator, and content to be carried along with whatever others were promoting.

We all know about Strat, but few will have been around during Sally Christie's last term. She has apparently done a good job of protecting our interests while on the WHB - long may that continue. It will be interesting to see where she stands on a number of current issues facing the Council.

Sandra's leadership will be crucial in determining its direction - hopefully with less emphasis on tourism and grand projects, and more on 'core' activities, with a real 'shake-up' within the walls of the 'Castle' to carry us through to 2019.

I will be reporting on progress, and personalities as they become clearer under the new regime.




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