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"The Moron's Case for Hillary ......."

For those requiring justification for supporting Hillary in the forthcoming show-down, contemplate this post from the The Contrarian's Blog.

It may be a pretty blunt statement of fact, but one that carries a message nevertheless that we could do well to ponder over the weekend. We are subject to so much propaganda from one side or the other that sometimes the absolute truth appears to be totally submerged by the claimed need for balance. Sometimes, we just need clarity, not available in daily commentary. 

Balance is of course ephemeral in this race for ultimate victory in the World's most powerful democracy. And Wikileaks, for better or worse, appears to be responsible for an increasingly influential role - aided and abetted by a substantially corrupted media - a media that finds it more and more difficult to distinguish right from wrong in the turbulence that describes the parabola in voting patterns as we inch towards 8 November. 

That voters should be encouraged to allow the moronic utterances normally associated with email exchanges to become the basis of their decision making say's it all really - moronic!




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Donald Trump is a dangerous demagogue. He is a pathological liar, racist, narcissistic bully, a bigot, misogynist, and xenophobe who excites political violence.

But what is even more scary and moronic is the fact that 35%-40% of the American public KNOW that Trump is a pathological liar, racist, narcissistic bully, a bigot, misogynist, and xenophobe who excites political violence, and that is WHY they support him.

Clinton has many negatives including her hawkishness, close ties to Wall Street, and will flip flop for political expediency - to name a few. But she gets climate change (Trump thinks it is a Chinese hoax), and will raise the minimum wage while Trump wants tax cuts which will mostly benefit billionaires like him. There is simply no equivalence as to the evilness of each candidate. Trump is evil personified. He will lose "bigly" (a new Trumpism) and good riddance.

October 14, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterlets

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