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Coromandel Harbour Project - etc, etc!

Readers of this blog will have heartily sick of the stream of reports since 2013 that have detailed the dreams of those who developed ambitious plans for the Coromandrl Harbour. It records a litany of failure, sad to say. and one that looks destined to continue on under the incoming Council. 

The latest presser has come out today, once again listing the "time-lines" that have simply not been met other than on paper. One has to question whether this constitutes pressure on the new Council to 'get on with it.' I suspect that it be so, and will wait with interest to see the changes of personnel that will undoubtedly occur in order to enable that to happen.

Glenn Leach's ill-concealed attempt to make a continuing life for himself with Council following the election appears to have been stymied by the election of S. Goudie, rather than his prodigy - Peter French, who was expected to retain him on various trusts, and committees, including that allocated the role for Coromandel Harbour.

The only remaining Councillor on the Committee is Tony Brljeviich, and it appears that he will be taking on a substantial role in many other directions. There appears no chance of the Economic Development Committee continuing its role, and no one else springs to mind as having the desirable credentials, and that role may need to be re-defined in any case in view of the total lack of action to date - apart from a considerable number of consultants dipping into the various funds established for the purpose. 

The end of this month (unless extended) will see the submission of whatever Expressions of Interest that may have been stirred by the invitation that went out earlier in the year. Staff indicate in today's presser that several are expected. Time will tell, but one thing is certain - those who express such an interest will most certainly be seeking the largest possible Council contribution, while retaining maximum control over any of the grand schemes that they may be hatching. Cynical? - I suggest not - simply reality, and remember that the consultants have a vested interest in keeping the ball rolling for as long as possible.

The presser is 'depressing' to say the least - so much talk, so little action - even the Marine Farmers Association have 'walked' from over-seeing the resource consent process on Sugar-Loaf. The residents will be waiting with baited breath to see what happens now, knowing that they have the ability to challenge vitually any plan throiugh the courts. 

Despite Greg Hamptons ineffable optimism, I remain deeply sceptical that anything of great benefit to rate-payers will emerge over the life of the next Council. And remember - I said 'rate-payers.' Simply providing facilities for tourists does not 'cut the mustard,' and even more so - marinas that benefit an infinitesimal  section of the population. 

It is inconceivable that our Council would continue to spend our rates on this futile project. If it stands on its own feet commercially, so be it, but please don't continue 'pulling the wool.' 




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Reader Comments (3)

Always an interesting read Bill, but badly in need of an Editor (and a spell checker). I can overlook the typos but "baited breath"? Is that when you've been out in the boat all day, forgotten to take lunch, and started snacking on the pilchards? OK it is Medieval English and not one reader in a thousand knows the difference but, for what its worth, Bate: to lessen in force or intensity, now chiefly in To bate ones breath. Yours pedantically, BJ

November 9, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBJ

Thank you, however I would claim in my defense that I have never claimed great exactitude, particularly in aspects of the English language with Medieval roots. My spell-checker was I think developed for very low-level standard prevalent in the US schooling system. You suggestion of an editor suggests less that total familiarity with reality - where the Hell do you think they grow - under trees?
You are always welcome to help-out and draw attention to deficiencies, but perhaps a little less hectoring may be appropriate when reviewing what is a totally free attempt on my part to inform - a blog is a blog, is a blog .... You don't pay for it, and I reserve the right to make mistakes.

November 9, 2016 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

Quite right. Please accept my apology for the hectoring tone; I simply couldn't resist the opportunity to tell the pilchard joke. As much as I love language, I must accept that it evolves and now that President Trump is in office we can expect many more neologisms, and shorter sentences. Bigly.

November 10, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBJ

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