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WRC Chair Goes to Alan Livingston

Alan Livingston was elected Chair of trhe WRC today in a complete 'whitewash' of the 'Rates Control Team' by 9:4 against Hugh Vercoe. This will have come as a great surprise to Vercoe who clearly thought he had the numbers, and who has been politically alighed with Livingstone in the opast. 

His supporteres were Simcock, Lois Livingston, Kneebone, Mahuta, Hayman, Litchwark, Hodge, Minogue and Livingstone himself.

Those supporting long-standing member Hugh Vercoe were Hennebry, Husband, White Rimmington and Vercoe.

It represents a completely change of direction on the Regional Council with all the new Councillors voting for Livingston. It also represents a slight change of balance away from the protection of agricultural interests in favour of policies that are needed to deal more effectively with environmental issues in particular. 

Livingston said he is ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead.

"They include the Seachange Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan, coastal erosion and mangroves and river catchment work and what to do about the council building not fit for purpose.

We've got the issue of our building and what to do with that," Livingston said.

Water quality and allocation of water is going to be an important issue from a national perspective and that includes Healthy Rivers and providing maximum support to our communities to enable the best possible submissions to that."

Other changes will become clearer at the first real meeting at the end of the month, but this initial statement is most encouraging, and indicates a clear change of direction. 

Tipa Mahuta was elected Deputy, as expected. 




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Reader Comments (1)

A welcome change in direction from Council hopefully. One that addresses the wider issues rather than pandering to squeaky wheels from the Feds and would be water barons. Helps that Buckley and Stark have cut and run.

Might give Payne the license to grow a pair and slap down some of the nonsense I have seen from the rural members of the rates control ticket.


October 20, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

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