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Her Worship Sandra Goudie has announced her appointments

They are much as anticipated in post earlier this week, and are as follows:

a) Appoints Councillor Tony Brljevich as Deputy Mayor

b) Appoints Councillor Tony Fox as Chairperson of the Audit and Risk Committee.

c) Appoints Councillor Murray McLean as Chairperson of the Regulatory Committee.

d) Appoints Councillor Terry Walker as Chairperson o f the Infrastructure Committee.

Appoints the following members to external committees/forum:

Audit and Risk Committee members: Councillors Bartley, Peters, McLean, Walker, Mr Bruce Robertson (independent appointment)

Regulatory Committee members: Councillors Bartley, Brljevich, Simpson, Christie

Infrastructure Committee members: Councillors Brljevich, Simpson, Mr Bob Renton (CB member)

Note : Three Committees only, as anticipated!

Other Appointments:

Coromandel Walks Governance Group (2 members required) Mr Graham Harsant,  The Mayor

Waikato Regional Council's Waihou Piako Catchment Liaison Subcommittee: The Mayor

Waikato Regional Council's Coromandel Catchment Liaison Subcommittee: Councillor Walker

Waikato Civil Defence Emergency Management Group: Councillor Simpson

Thames Valley Civil Defence Emergency Management Group:  Councillor Simpson

Hauraki Gulf Forum: The Mayor

Waikato Regional Council Land Transport: Councillor Christie

Hauraki Rail Trail Trust: Councillor Peters

The membership tells its own story and you will note in particular the Mayor's intention to stay very close to what is being proposed for the Hauraki Gulf Forum and the Waihou/Piako Catchment. That is good beyond measure and will ensure that the previous slack performance in that regard. 

I am not sure if McLean has done the Chairman's course required for him to operate as Chair of the Regulatory (Judicial) Committee. It is not a 'pushover,' and some of the others may have a problem with it

Audit needs to 'up its game' under Fox - there appeared to be number of issues that escaped oversight in te previous term, and it needs to be ready to seek alternative advice when they are not sure they are being told the unvarnished truth about the information being provided to it. 

Note that Terry Walker, as anticipated has received greater responsibility than would normally be expected in a first time Councillor, but I sure he will cope.

Sandra has cleared the decks for a succesful term - I will be watching with great interest to see what happens with the Gulf Forum - that will set the tone, even if John Key 'over-rules' the process and simply determines the make-up of the new Forum by decree. He will not endear himself to this District if that is what he plans to do. 

Let's get into it!




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