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Inaugural Meeting

The Inaugural Meeting wert off today without a hitch. Sandra set the tone by inviting all the Board members to Thames  to undertake the task in tandem with the Council.  Ngati Maru kaumatua Wati Namame led a karakia, Scott Simpson spoke, but did not say a great deal, and Sandra acknowledged the presence of our new WRC representative Dal Minogue, before introducing her spritely 92 year old Mother - good move!

Staff Solicitor Paul Davies explained 'The Rules,' including heavy emphasis on 'conflict of interest' provisions, and 'relationships with the press.' Nothing extraordinary, but enoiugh to make you wonder about some of the obvious 'conflict' situations that arose during the last Council - not the least of which related to Leach's forestry block at the rear of the water works at Whitianga, and the disgraceful $40,000 allocation to Rod Millens little race-track at Hahei.

Both were prime examples of conflicton the part of the Mayor, but nothing comes near the Whitianga Waterways Medical Centre. There is still much water to flow under that bridge, and all round embarrassment before that is finally resolved.

Only one hiccup occurred with appointments to the committees and chairs that Sandra had proposed.

That was the with regard to the Coromandel Walks Governance Committee to which Leach was clearly hoping to have a permanent role. Sandra had proposed Graham Harsant (un-elected) along with herself. That obviously did not go down too well in some quarters, so she simply removed the appointment from the agenda - it will be dealt with on 14 December when whatever road-blocks will presumably have been removed.

Otherwise, the adoption of appointment & delegations, went through without a whimper. The delegations were not a foregone conclusion, and must have been the result of some discussion, but whatever, Sandra had her own way, as she should.

This Council will be an entirely different proposition to that which preceded it - for one thing, I will not have to grin and bear the abuse handed out by her predecessor who seemed to regard me a 'fair game' for all his frustrations.  

Sandra indicated that it is her intention to have all the meetings recorded in the future - that will mean amplification within the Chamber - a measure resisted for no apparent good reason by her predecessor, other than cost - no longer a sustainable excuse.  Those in the media will then be able to hear what is going on, though a separate table as in the distant past in addition would be appreciated just for ease of writing. 

I am looking forward to the next term with great anticipation. It should be good, and rate-payers will benefit from new disciplines likely to be imposed. There is every indication that Sandra has the numbers to squash any residual attempts by the 'Team' to resist the changes she wishes to impose.

And in that regard - 'no names, no pack-drill!'   




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