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Sandra Sets The Tone!

Readers will I am sure be delighted to hear that the atmosphere at this mornings 'swearing-in' was jovial, friendly and constructive. There was none of the overbearing presence and frightened aura evident around the Leach dominated Council. 

That may seem a strange observation inasmuch as there were only four new members, but it distinctly noticeable, and I for one found it easy and conducive to reporting, while generally establishing good relationships with people I have barely spoken to over recent years. Some returning councilors even went out of their way to deplore Leach's behaviour towards me in particular. I don't think there will be many shedding tears at his departure. 

There are some of course who have demonstrated such hostility that I would not even be bothered attempting reconciliation - they will remain antagonistic, and take me down in a flash if they had the opportunity, but that won't happen under the new regime - I intend to make sure that meetings and processes are reported fair and square, and I know that Sandra will do everything in her power to assist that process, including hopefully, providing a media table - that may even encourage our zombie newspaper the HH to return to the fray - distinguished by its absence yesterday, as usual.

Expect the usual re-production of the PR handout and photos in Friday's paper, if they can get it typeset in time!

Even staff appear more relaxed, and ready to co-operate and communicate, not that that has ever been a major problem. It is just a changed atmosphere that I think readers will understand, particularly if they have had any dealings with Council over the last few years. 

It is the way it should be. 





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