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Seagull Centre Gets $220,000 Boost 

The Centre has just received a $220,000 boost from the Department of the Environment Waste Minimisation Fund. The is a an appropriate recognition fpr what has been a remarkably successful local initiative that while supported by TCDC, has largely come about through the efforts a large group of volunteers  - initially led by the redoubtable Peter Woods. 

The story of how this has evolved over the years is contained in the excellent story posted in a presser released this morning. The money will be put to good use in the extension of the buildings on land made avaialble by TCDC adjacent to the existing site. 

All in all this is a real success story that appears likely to continue into the future. It is notable that the story provides an indication that achieving similar success in Whitiange and Whangamata has been hindered by the lack of an organisation, and presumably leadership. This is not surprising given the relative demographic, and the social awareness of the respective communities.

This is not so much a shot at the other two Eastern communities - simply reporting fact. Thames is just different with a large number of retired people with a demonstrable social conscience, and a considerable number of young people seeking employment - and this is an excellent vehicle to get them started in acquiring life skills.



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