Introducing New Contributor
Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 9:38AM
Bill Barclay

Following some prescient comments on earlier posts by 'Lets,' - particularly those in relation to sea-change, and electric cars, I issued an invitation for some regular contributions, mainly on environmental issues that appear to be a particular interest and major concern, but on other issues too that he/she may consider of interest to readers within the District. 

I know the identity of 'Lets,' but have agreed to maintain anonymity for the purposes of the exercise - he/she does not want his/her identity to cloud the views expressed, and I agree. His/her contribution will be on an occasional basis, and I will retain final editorial control, but will mainly content myself with 'comments' where I feel that he/she may be expressing a viewpoint well out of the 'comfort zone' of the majority of readers.

It is not our purpose after all to scare you away with apocalyptic hyperbole, though some of what is happening around us in regards to the environment may well warrant it. 

Welcome to 'Lets' - he/she has submitted a slightly whimsical first entry designed to 'put a cat amongst the pigeons.' It follows this introduction - 'non-catty' comments welcome!




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