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Last Chance for Voting!

You are probably heartily sick of the Election, but the opportunity to vote is running out, and action is required now if yours is to count. As of Tuesday voter numbers at 37.7% were 1.3% down from 2013, and 7.7% up from 2010.

The final push in each election brought in 22% in 2010, and 18% in 2013. So 60% overall appears to be the most that can be expected – 10% more than the national average!

What this tells us is that a substantial number leave their vote until the last moment for whatever reason. That means that regardless of ‘burn-out,’ candidates would be wise to keep up appearances until the last minute.

Forget the exhortations about posting by Wednesday – votes in the post by tomorrow in Thames Ward will surely get delivered by close-off at 12 noon Saturday – our postal service may be bad, but not that bad. Better still, get to the TCDC office and place your vote in the ballot-box. That way, your vote is sure to be counted.

And in case you have not read this blog’s recommendations on candidates based von observations over a long period, and at the Candidate Meeting – here they are:

Mayor – Sandra Goudie

Thames Councillors – Craig Cassidy, Murray Wakelin and Sally Christie, or Rex Simpson (3)

Thames Community Board – Diane Connors, Clancy Nixon, Catherine Croft and Mike Veal (4)

Waikato Regional Council – Dal Minogue

Waikato Health Board – Sally Christie

Note that you do increase the chances of the candidates you really want for the Council and Boards by only voting for those – you don’t have to vote for the number required.

It is my strong advice that members of the TCDC Team be avoided if only because it has failed to indicate what it stands for, and in what way it intends to bloc-vote, as is the case with the Rates Control Team on the WRC. That would eliminate French, Peters, Christie and Simpson.  

Note also that members of this ‘Team’ failed to indicate their membership of the ‘Team’ on their nomination forms as required under s.55(4)(b) of the Local Government Electoral Act 2001, and as a result this information was not on the voting form, only on bill-boards – a matter that was brought to the attention of the Electoral Officer, Dale Ofsoske, to no avail.





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