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Here they are:

Mayor - Goudie by 500 - 5584 to 5103 (Probably about 50% turnout - well down on last election)

Council - McLean, Fox, Brljevitch, Bartley, Walker, Christie, Peters & Simpson

Thames Community Board - Croft, Connors, Veal & Yates

Sandra will make that combination work.

There are some I would have preferred to see get there, but leadership is everything in councils today, and we are about to see a reformation place place here regardless of the tangible opposition amongst those elected.

They will soon understand that they need to toe the line, and get in behind Sandra's initiatives in order omake it work. 

A real slap in the face for Leach who backed French all the way. His influence will now be minimal, and that is a good thing. 

Congratulations to all participants, and to those who have made it through - good luck!


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Reader Comments (1)

Great result to see Sandra in the box seat and she certainly deserves it, just hopes she has the tenacity to sort out the dead wood that are not adding value and the pretenders who managed to pull the wool and score management roles

October 8, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterInsider observer

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