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First Thoughts on the New Reality!

Sandra made a cryptic comment on Stuff about the need for the 'Team' to get over the loss of their putative leader. It will of course be headless without French, but his campaign hardly denoted 'leadership' - the photos on the billboards kept him in his place, and that appeared to be well behind 'king-makers' - Fox & McLean.

I intend to observe closely to ensure that there is no attempt to subvert Sandra's leadership. McLean for one is well capable of heading a factional revolt in order to ensure that her reforms are stymied. The Thames lot better work out quickly where their best interests lie.

I would predict that Sandra will ensure loyalty with judicious handling of the Deputy and chair positions.The annointing of mayors with this prerogative is one of the most pleasing aspects of the recent LG reforms, and should alone ensure stability.

I would also predict immediate moves towards more open and accountable fiduciary responsibilty - something that has been blatantly missing during the last term of this Council. Secondly, I would suggest that Sandra will move towards far greater transparency generally, and open discussion of key measures - anything to escape the hidden agenda that we have suffered under Leach will be welcome.

And farewell to Leach's totally redundant unelected Economic Development Committee - that will take no time at all with each committee needing to be re-established from day one. I for one will certainly welcome not having to sit through those dreary Day dominated meetings. In fact, I quietly wonder exactly where Mr Day's future lies under the new regime - perhaps his role will be one of the first items on the agenda for discussion with Chief Executive Rob Williams starting at 8.30am tomorrow.

Then again, I am sure that there other somewhat more urgent items to get out on the table. It is staggering that while a great deal has been achieved under Leach,  at the same time, so much has been hidden behind a 'Chinese Wall' of secrecy.

The complete absence of media interest in what goes on in councils outside of the main centres is deplorable in many ways, but I know from long experience that both staff and councillors fully embrace this absence - the cold light of day is as unwelcome here as in any other local body.

I fully expect Her Worship, Sandra Goudie to open the door - even a little. 




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Reader Comments (1)

5,584 voters probably expect her to kick the door in and use a yard broom inside....

October 11, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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