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Smith Puts Shot Across The Bows of Waikato Healthy Rivers Plan

David Seymour is determined to go into bat for the embattled Waikato farmers who consider that the WRC WSaikato River Plans are a threat fo their livlihood. 

He asked what could be described as a 'patsy' yesterday of Nick Smith and obtained the following answer that seemed to satisfy him that the door was till open for another Smith 'intervention' on the E Can scale. This is exactly what is threatened through the arrangement entered into with the Maori Party yesterday - a sad day for democratic process, not that that will be concerning farming interests one iota. 

Here is the Q & A:

David Seymour: Will the Minister rule in or out invoking section 142 of the Resource Management Act and appointing a board of inquiry for the Healthy Rivers: Plan for Change/Wai Ora: He Rautaki Whakapaipai, in light of complaints from farmers in the area that it will put them out of business?

Hon Dr Nick Smith: The process under the Resource Management Act, where I as Minister can call in a planned change, is only time limited to a period prior to the notification. The notification of the planned changes on the Waikato River that are publicly available for submissions right now has passed that point where I could intervene, but it would be unusual for the Government to step in and, effectively, take over a regional council's most important function of water quality. We did choose to do so in Canterbury; I am reluctant to do so in the Waikato

Yes, I think you can take that as an implied threat. 


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