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At The Settling of the Dust!

Great mystery appears to surround the election of Trump - how on earth did he manage to confound all those polls?

Well; if the truth about polls has not not sunk in yet, it will have done so now - they are bloody useless in this situation where thousands of people who have never voted, and who feel totally neglected by the elites of America had their big opportunity, and they took it, in spades!.

Polls now miss all those who hide behind their cell-phone numbers - no copper for them, and what is more a huge number have in any case been neglected by the pollsters. And where do the majority of these people reside - why in the great 'rust-belt' of course - Democrat (Blue) territory. Now that blue line is the red line and the angst amongst those who have relied on the polls is great. No one will ever be able to believe them ever again - not there, not here - it is all over for polls.

The best piece on this is from an unlikely quarter - the redoubtable Michael Moore who would surely be a Clinton supporter - he was, but he is the very essence of a product of the rust belt, and explained what was about to happen in this clip for all to see - PRIOR to the 8th November - he saw what was coming, and got it precisely right.  If you are still in cloud cuckoo land over the result, look no further than this clip - it is a classic.



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Its interesting that Trump kept referring to his high standing in Internet polls and the pundits all scoffed and said that his assertions were not reflected in 'real' polls. As Brexit proved, there is only one real poll, and the opinions expressed on Facebook and Twitter are the most accurate indication of how people are going to cast their votes. Assuming there is another US election, and given that the political elite have just had the levers of power snatched from their hands this is be no means a foregone conclusion, just imagine what the next line-up of candidates might look like; I predict that the first female President of the US will be Kim Kardashian!

November 13, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBJ

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