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Community Board Gets Under Way

Diane Connors and Catherine Croft were elected Chair and Deputy respectively at yesterday's inaugural Community Board meeting.

There was ot a great deal of note on the agenda, but the Board did decide to support Sunday trading - this will now go to Council for a decision that will be subject to consultation. Hopefully this can be put to bed without delay and rancour. This will happen if the Catholic Church keeps its nose out of the argument - one in which it has had far too great an an influence in the past, along with euthanasia, and womens' rights to determine what happens to their own bodies..

Their success in the US should not lead its hierarchy to believe that it can achieve the same here through its reliance on scriptures about which the majority of the population have absolutely no interest.

There is a great deal contained in the Monthly Report presented at the meeting that relates to unbudgtted expenditure that I suspect will come under severe examination before it gets to the new Annual Plan - a number of major projects are running over budget for one reason or another, and there is some scepticism being expressed at the health of the ''bottom line' after several years of avoiding maintenance and renenewals in order to keep rates in check.

I will not go into detail at this point - better in the New Year, but I expect some severe cut-backs as the result of the new more realistic and hard-headed approach being adopted at 'head-office.'




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