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Reality Sets In!

For those who have been wondering just what the likely true and immediate cost of the earthquake will be, there was an excellent letter printed today on Whaleoil that is well worth a read. It brings home exeactly what the transport industry is facing, and frankly shows precisely how inter-dependent we have become, particularly with the development of the tourist industry.

People need to be fed, and as another report indicated, a substantial factory producing what has become a 'national' product will cease production in Christchurch tomorrow through the lack of one ingredient. I have heard of a number others in a similar situation that will become clearer over the next few days.  

The letter to Cam Slater appears to be from someone very well connected to the transport industry - perhaps Don Braid from Mainfreight. If not, then someone with similar knowledge of the industry.

It is very concerning, and quite deeply challenging for a Government aiming to gets the books back into the black. I am beginning to realise just how important it is to have a steady hand hand at the tiller in this situation, and to date, Key has performed with distinction - even his diction appears to have improved - I can understand what he is saying, barely!

Mr Little on the other hand has through his statements and questions in the house given strength to those who claim that he simply does not have what is required. No matter how critical I have been recently of ministerial performance, it pales by comparison with the performance of Little's 'Team'- pathetic to say the least.  

The next few months will be very trying, and put a considerable number of people to the test. So far, the defence force, and other first responders appear to have coped splendidly. I wish I was able to say the same about Tsunami preparations, and warnings. Chaotic and amateurish well descibes that aspect of our Civil Defence arrangements - time for a gigantic shake-up on a national scale. 




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