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Special Meeting of Council Today 22 November 2016

A Special Meeting was called today to adopt some important administrative changes concerning committees and councillor remuneration.Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to long standing appointment in Auckland.

But before going into further detail, I must report that Mayor Goudie had taken steps to reverse the vindictive actions of her predecessor, and restored the Media Table to the Chamber, along with taking steps to make it easier for the  public to hear what is going within the four walls. I ma most appreciative of this action, and with any luck it may even encourage other media to cover meetings. Leach's distain for media in general, and me in particular has been put to rest.

The most important administrative actions concerned the official dismantling of the District Plan Appeals Committee - a totally redundant unit that was supposed to liaise with the Environment Court that has the task of hearing the 60 odd appeal against the District Plan. End of story for Tony Fox, Peter French and Tony Munro. The task will now be the responsibility of the full Council.

Secondly, the Mayor took control of our role on the District Walks Governance Group that Leach had set up to carry on his influence under French into the next term. The new arrangements will ensure that the other members also have the policy and budgetary mandate of their respective organisations. That should put put the kibosh on that potential fiscal drain-hole.

Finally, the always fraught remuneration carve up based on a total figure determined by the Remuneration Authority was dealt with. This was what was recommended:

Deputy Mayor                                       25%                                                    $45,664.50 Committee Chairs (3)                            17% (54%)                                           $41,402.50 Councillors with external appointments (3)  7% (21%)                                           $34,705.00

Total                                                    100%                                                  $273,987

This was the Motion:

1. Receives the 'Appointments and councillors' salary structure for 2016 term' report, dated 6 November 2016.

2. Appoints Councillor Tony Fox to the Deputy of the District Licensing Committee.

3. Appoints the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor Walker to the CEO Liaison Committee.

4. Confirms the Mayor as the Council representative on the Coromandel Walks Governance Group.

5. Disbands the District Plan Appeals Panel, effective immediately.

Note that the Mayor is under a separate determination that will be revealed in due course - somewhere around $120,000.

The other stuff was fairly innocuous. If you have any difficulty understanding the significance of any of this, do not hesitate to email or comment, and I will spell it out.

What i can say is that with each of these actions today, Mayor Goudies cemented her place as head of this Council, and has what now appears to be a totally loyal bench. Any suggestion of revolt went out the window - she is in complete control, even to the extent of cancelling lunch as they had completed their work prior to 12 noon.

I don't anticipate too many lavish lunches in the future, and we may even see councilors patronising local lunch bars, and mixing with their constituents. Heavens!




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Reader Comments (3)

Bill, it’s time to move on. I have always found your blog interesting and informative but Glen has gone and it is getting tiresome to keep hearing you complain about the past. The removal of the Media Table was a deplorable act but I don’t remember a single Councillor or Community Board Member challenging the issue so they were either in agreement or not game to challenge this thoughtless act. Elected Members failure to support the independence of the media is a sad reflection on them and not something that could or should be sheeted back to Glen alone.

November 25, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterClancy Nixon

You may say that Clancy, but there is always a 'hang-over' from the previous Council, and I see no reason in this case to let Glenn off the hook - he made his bed, and he has to sleep in it. The fact that not a single member of either body had the guts to stand up to him on the desk issue, or the regular bully's pulpit abuse to which I, and others were subjected is one for which they should all hang their heads in shame.
That they are now all falling into line indicates the depth of their craven behaviour, and in any case, my blog is for me to express how I feel, and I feel very strongly about Leach and his cohort. He made many people miserable during his rampage as Mayor, and I consider it quite appropriate to speak up on their behalf.
And for your information, it was he and he alone who made the direction regarding the table.You should take all my posts in context Clancy, and note that I have in the main moved on. It is history as of now.

November 25, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBill Barclay

Whoa Clancy, he might be a mate of yours but Glenn bagged not only Bill but the entire former council and councillors every opportunity he could.
Glenn was a bully, nothing more nothing less, and deserves to have sunlight applied to that fact.

November 26, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterThamesite

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