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Morrie Will be Missed

No one has done more for this community over the years than Morrie Dunwoodie. He was the very epitome of the all-round good-guy who maintained a very active watch over what was going on within the Council in particular.

Quite apart from his professional activities that placed him at the forefront of surveying and development, Morrie was involved in a heap of other roles, not the least of which incliuded the Treasury. I learnt very quickily that he was a formidable operator, and that you needed to have you facts very clear before taking him on on any matters that were in dispute regarding the Council's role in that development. The results are there for all to see - it is an absolute credit to to his perseverance, and attention detail.

I did not run across Morrie in other roles, but the Tennis and Squash clubs remain as evidence of his total commitment to the town. I also remember his role with the Whangamata Marina development - one of the most difficult, but one where his calm and considered approach probably countered more that any other in keeping that development on track when it could easily have all come apart at the seams.

My condolences to Geraldine, and the family.

A celebration of Morrie's life will be held at the Civic Centre at 1pm on Saturday. It will be a very well attended occasion, of that I am sure.




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