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Steve Joyce's Cheap Shot at Mike Joy

No one is better able to comment on inappropriate development projects in this country than Mike Joy - a environmental scientist with a world wide reputation, but Steve Joyce thinks it appropriate to make cheap shots at him for purely political mileage at a Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce luncheon this week.

As if the ramifications of the Ruataniwha Dam were not sufficiently serious and precedent forming, our Government has thrown its weight so completely behind the local farming interests that it appears to be determined to win the battle by skewering the resource management, and court processes in whatever way it sees fit in order to achieve its objective.

Just view the accompaning vidwo to see how they intend to go about this.

It is quite disgraceful that they appear unable to keep their stricky fingers out of this process, and at the same time denigrate scientific expertise, together with their major bete noir - Forest & Bird, in this manner.

Mike Joy, and Kevin Hackwell of Forest & Bird in particular have been the subject of this personification of their deep seated hatred of perceived green influences - to cast us all (those who oppose them that is) as green bigots is of course the objective.

The laughter from his hand-picked Chamber audience will have done nothing other than to encourage him, while providing amusement to the assembled car-dealers, bankers, and retailers and no doubt invited farmers.

Hawkes Bay is safe for the Nats after all and this sort of behaviour par for the course, but it is belittling and inappropriate for someone so senior in Government. The man sounds like a research denier at best, and a moron at worst.



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