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'Lets' Deals with the Question of Afforable Housing

Readers will be aware of the introduction of new outside guest contributor to the blog. As you also will have become clear ‘Lets’ is no shrinking violet, and is expressing views that while not necessarily in accordance with my own, particularly in terms of Council responsibility as opposed to that of central government, but 'Lets' nevertheless introduces an alternative viewpoint at a time when there is a ‘change of guard’ at the Castle. This is healthy, and welcomed.

‘Lets’ has to date dealt with issues as far ranging as the ‘Social Deprivation,’ ‘the Living Wage,’ ‘Public Transport,’ and now ‘Affordable Housing" all right here in the Coromandel District.’

Some of these issues may be uncomfortable for a great many readers, but they need to be said, and considered in terms of the direction to be taken by the new Council as it prepares to meet for the first time. I don’t expect any major change of direction to take place – our Council is far too comfortably ‘middle class, and protective of its existing privileges and status to be particularly concerned about these issue other than in a peripheral sense.

But that does not gainsay the need for them to be said, and considered in the overall scheme of things. Even a small change of direction would be most welcome by a large number of those who generally see no benefit from Council activities. The age-old dilemma of just how this can be achieved without affecting the rating base other than through minimal re-jigging remains elusive.




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