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Hahei Has Its Say!

For those who have been wondering just what was happening in Hahei whille all the attention was being given to Glenn Leach's Legacy Track, the following despatch from the local Ratepayers Association will certainly give pause for thought: (Please read the entire URL below in order to get the entire picture of what Leach has let us in for for in regard to the so-called "Great Walk")

"Your committee has been working hard to make sure that TCDC  takes care of Hahei's infrastructure deficit. We met with the new Mayor, Sandra Goudie, and addressed the new TCDC Council on 22 November 2016. Around 30 concerned Hahei residents traveled to Thames to support the presentation. You can read our presentation by clicking here.

The number of tourists coming to Hahei is growing at 20%+ pa so our key message to the new TCDC Council was -  Build the essential tourist infrastructure we need NOW. We offered two solutions

  1. Form a Community-led Infrastructure team
  2. Stop work on the “Great” Walk

Sandra Goudie and her fellow Councillors listened closely to our recommendations and we are confident they will respond positively. We are already seeing results from our work - TCDC staff are coming to Hahei to listen to your concerns at drop-in meetings from December and January.  You can read details here.

In addition, we have been working with TCDC on the following

  • South Mercury Bay Traffic Management Strategy - We made a submission to TCDC/Mercury Bay Community Board setting out our concerns over the TCDC's draft strategy. You can read our submission here. We expect it will take several months before the traffic management strategy is finalised.
  • Hahei Entrance Road Upgrade - As part of its overall roading program, TCDC is completing the upgrade of the road into Hahei. We are working with TCDC roading engineers to make sure the upgrade meets our needs.
  • Hahei Entrance Car Park - Construction is proceeding and TCDC has told us it will be completed by December 17. Unfortunately, no permanent toilets, but we are working on that! There will be temporary toilets over the holiday period.
  • Grange Rd Car Park - Unfortunately, there has been no progress in resolving the chaos in this key car park. We regularly remind TCDC and DOC of their duty to take care of tourists at the Coromandel's top tourist destination. But nothing happens and parking chaos has continued on a daily basis from mid October. We will keep trying.

Overall, we are optimistic that we can create a winning team with the new leadership at TCDC. They are truly committed to taking care of Hahei's infrastructure challenges.

There has never been any illusion in Hahei that Leach's Track was any more than a delusional dream based on ill-judged advice from a so-caled tourism expert who pops up wherever the opportunity presents itself.

I pointed out right at the outset that the difficulties associated with the crossing at Purangi would eventually bring reality to the project, let alone the intransigence of land-owner Rod Millen, and others letting the Walk through from Blowhole to Hot Water Beach - the essential extention. The number of so-called 'experts' and 'administrators' who have been brought in has been another indicator that all was not well.

Funding issues remain to be sorted, and the eventual verdict of the Lottery Board on the second tranch may well bring the curtain down - a curtain that the Residents Assoiciation clearly would like to see descend sooner rather than later. Their position is based mainly on the totally ill-thought out parking issues that have around since Adam was a boy!

I absolutely agree with the writer of the newsletter that the new Council will at last bring some measure of rationality to this, and perhaps other legacy projects initiated during Leach's time, and in which they were mainly spectators. Thank heavens that we have Mayor Goudie in the box seat rather than Leach's syncophant - French. He was quite incapable of stopping the momentum these projects has achieved without proper oversight, in my view.

The content of the Newsletter, and the fact that 30 residents saw fit to come to Council to express their concerns should give every rate-payer concern, and bring about a demand for change right from the top. There has simply been too many "yes" men around the table over the past six years - a considerable number are still there, but they will 'toe the line,' and Sandra will get her way.

Hahei provides the means by which she can put a line in the sands both with councillors, and staff.  And the Lottery Board should get its head around the potential disaster of proceeding to the next stage of funding the thing. Its conditions have simply not been met - that is the long and short of it!




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