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Whaleoil Backs Scott Simpson, Again!

Cam Slater made the effort this morning to back his old mate Scott Simpson for the Government Whip position - presumably it will be announced with an number of others at today's Caucus meeting. Here is what he had to say in that regard:

"Next year is going to be bloody, Kim Dotcom has signalled that the left are going with crime as an election-winning strategy again. the Media party will play right along with it like they did last time.

So when you are going to be in a gang land fight you don’t need people who supposedly know where the bodies are buried, you need the guy who put them there in the first place.

Handy with a knife, knuckle dusters, bike chains and fists there is no one better than Scott Simpson at rinsing political enemies. He could control the house easily from that position, and keep the backbench in line like no one else could.

Plus his one redeeming quality that is vitally important in politics…he knows that retaliation only works when you do it first.

Before the other side even knows they need to be retaliating.

He needs to become Bill English’s Malone."

Scott may be dubious about his connection with Whaleoil, and wonder at times whether having friends like Cam Slater may be worse that having enemies. But whatever the case, Cam's constant 'championing' for a seat at the table may be doing him more harm than good.

Despite Scott's 'mild-mannered' reputation locally, he is clearly a dab hand at 'back-room' tactics who also appears to relish anonymity, and he may regret Cam constantly expounding these talents. After all, he is also a dab hand at keeping the little old ladies of the electorate happy, and expounding his virtues.

Here is hoping that he gets a nod in one direction or another later toda



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