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WRC Sidesteps Responsibility on Tailings Report

The WRC has once again sidestepped its responsibility in regard to the confounded tailings dam issue.

Denis Tegg has once again highlighted the issue in his blog.

It is high time that these periodic Oceana sponsored reports (three so far!) were adequately peer reviewed, and the councils concerned (Hauraki and WRC) took their responsibilities seriously. The current "hear no evil, see no evil" approach adopted by both as highlighted by Denis is frankly a disgrace. The consequences of dam failure based on a breach of the the Kerepehi Fault on the scale of what happened at Kaikoura are unimaginable.

Timing may be the issue. It may be that more attention will be paid in future to these Company reports, but it may need new members to highlight the issue now, and demand greater attention from the relevant staff responsible for bringing the reports to Council. 

This issue can no longer be swept under the carpet. Regardless of what Oceana say, the dams may pose an unacceptable risk, and solutions need to be found found.




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Reader Comments (1)

Great posting but to keep things equal perhaps you could ask regional council if they have recently found asbestos material on a popular Whittianga beach and why the public were not notified of the health risks?

January 12, 2017 | Unregistered Commenterjaffa2

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