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Silence Speaks Volumes at Hahei 

The fact that 30 members of the Hahei community turned up to support their Ratepayers Association submissions at the last Council meeting should have given cause for concern about the pig-headed refusal of the previous Mayor to accept that their may have been something wrong with his "Great Walks" policy - certainly as regards the Hahei to Whitianga Walk - currently in play.

It is of course a disaster in the making with substantial Council resources committed. But for some reason, their is no mention in the Chief Executive's Report to next week's meeting regarding either the submissions, or the progress of the Walk, even though all the other projects are thoroughly reported.

It is most concerning that this 'Walk' project is permitted to proceed, clearly without reference to Council until the next scheduled meeting on 24 January. Further funds continue to be spent, and presumably submissions being made to the Lotteries Board regarding the second tranche of their funding. It is to be hoped that the Board take note of all of the views surrounding this project, and in particular, the difficulties being encountered, regardless of the optimistic reports emanating from Council and its staff.

It will be interesting to see if CEO Williams is subjected to further enquiry in this regard during discussion of his Report on Tuesday.

This will be of even greater interest because of the absence of any mention in the unconfirmed Minutes of the second of the recommendations in the Hahei Submission that requested the immediate cessation of the Track building sctivities while futher consideraion was given as to just how it was to be completed, relative to the infrastructure shortfalls at Hahei.

It is of considerable concern that such a clear and direct request from a Ratepayers Association, in writing, is treated in such a cavalier manner, and this does not auger well for the future recording of such submissions.  Councillors should ask staff for the reasons for the absence of any mention of this matter in the Minutes - unacceptable!


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