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Coastal Protection is Universal!

Here is an article from today's NY Times that outlines the situation with the California Coastal Commission that has absolute determining power over what development takes place along the 1,800 km California coastline. This Commission's mandate over-rides all other local and state government powers, and was established in the first place to counter the inevitable corruption that seems to accompany the confluence of sea and land, everywhere.

“The pressure to develop California’s coast is an everlasting tug of war,” said Stefanie Sekich-Quinn, the coastal preservation manager with the Surfrider Foundation, an environmental group. “Unfortunately, we are starting to see special interests gaining some ground. It’s taken us 40 years to protect what we have now.”

It reflects what is being played out here at Awaroa in Golden Bay with a 'here today - gone tomorrow' sand-spit for which the country is being held to a $2m+ ransom. Even Gareth Morgan can't keep his sticky fingers out of the pie - "exclusive rights for his family" if you please! - another example of the kind of entitlement mentality we have to deal with in protecting our beaches and their environs.

It is what happens when owners of coastal property seek to maximise their advantage to the detriment of everyone else who values vistas, access and the environment, and who use their resources to fight whatever preservation authority is placed in their way. In turn, support is manifested through the age old 'land-rights' mantra with its confusing, and conflicted objectives. 

And what is it about wealthy entertainers that leads them into environmental stoushes like those outlined in the article, similar to those that we have seen right here?




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