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District Plan - Natural Character & Subdivision Hearing

This has now been put back to 25/26 February at the Civic Centre, and of course will comprise one of the really contentious hearings in regard to the District Plan. Others will follow through to May - probably the most contentious - Coastal Environment will be on 14 - 17 April.  

I draw attention to one particular written statement that will be considered at the March Hearing - that from Boffa Miskell on behalf of the redoubtable John Darby who is the sole Director of Northern Land Property Ltd - the ultimate holder of New Chum land that is set for sub-division at some stage in the future. That is if they cannot secure millions ($20m suggested!) in compensation from the Government/WRC/TCDC.

It is always interesting to read the changes that John Darby is seeking, and just how that equates with public interest. One thing is for sure - the intention to create esplanade reserves will come under intense opposition from many land owners, and Darby is no exception. Staff reports supporting such a move a 'red rag to a bull' as far as most submitters are concerned who are determined to preserve exclusive access wherever possible.

Those with a better understanding of these matters than I may care to cast their eye over the submissions prior to the meeting. There is no doubt that the Committee will come under substantial pressure from this submitter, along with many other over the course of the Hearing.

Many of the submitters have presented thoughtful and reasonable suggestions - I was attracted to that of Brian Sharp who submitted in conjunction with Sue Eden. It raises some very interesting issues surrounding unintended consequences arising from some of the proposals being considered by the Panel.  

Attendance at these Hearings may be worthwhile - we are now down to the nitty-gritty! 




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