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CEO Report to Council Meeting 24 February

Three matters of interest jump out of the CEO Report to be presented next Wednesday:

"Hauraki Rail Trail - Kopu to Kaiaua (K2K 
A separate report for the Hauraki Rail trail project is included in the Agenda."

Well, as it happens, there is no other mention of this matter in the Agenda. It does raise intriguring questions regarding just what is, or is not happening in this regard. More importantly - what is the state of the Trust finances, and where is the Audit Office report on the last year's accounts. One suspects that those responsible hope that the matter simply disappears. But that is hardly likely, given past performance. 

Then this is this little beauty from his Meeting Schedule:

"Stanley Construction (no names - no pack-drill!) -  Met the Managing Director over matters of financial security and project risk."

This is another intriguing entry that clearly arises from the research that I posted regarding Stanley Construction following the award of the Design & Build Contract for the indoor sports facility at the December meeting. The embarrassment at the time was palpable. It will certainly be interesting to see just how our intrepid Chief Executive resolved this dilemma.

"Leigh Hopper and Grahame Christian - Discussed Kopu Industrial Area affordable housing for blue-collar workers. "

An alliance between these two members of the Economic Development Committee was rumoured at the time that Hopper resigned, and Christian should have followed him - given the multiple conflict of interest issues that became clear at the time. But "blue-collar workers." Just what is is this all about? - you can bet that it involves Christian's land in some way - the former Carter Holt plant. 

Other matters will be raised over the next few days - the Agenda has just been published!




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